15 - 18 August 2019


IV Open Cup

A unique competition of SPbU alumni and students of higher education institutions from different countries of the world, uniting university traditions, education and sports

To take part

The sailing regatta is meant to support sports development in students’ milieu and unite the best universities of Russia and the world in the struggle for the main prize.

This bright and dynamic event will unite several values at once:
  • Development of youth sports
  • Connecting different generations of university students
  • Historical traditions of the Northern capital of Russia and the University
The program of SPbU sailing regatta includes:
  • III Open cup for student teams from around the world
  • Race of St. Petersburg State University alumni
20 teams from 15 Russian higher education institutions and 10 teams from foreign universities will compete in the Open Cup.




If you are a student, gather a team of your fellow students and take part in IV Open Cup to fight for the honor of your University!

To take part in the students’ competition, it is necessary:

  • for at least one team member to have a boat driving permit
  • to submit the participants’ medical certificates
  • to validate the student status of each member of the team

*On the competition days the foreign teams are given accommodation in halls of residence
**Organization fee for participation in the Students’ race is 1,000 rubles per person

Send an application for participation in the address d.kotlyarov@alumnispbu.net and become a participant in one of the most spectacular and dynamic events in the world of student sailing!

If you are an alumnus of SPbU, become a member of one of the teams in the Alumni Race!

The teams are formed of participants of various levels of training:

  • are you confident and do you claim to be the captain?
  • are you acquainted with sailing but prefer being guided by a professional?
  • do you have no experience but you want to try?

* If you have like-minded persons in sailing, you may gather a team on your own and file an application on behalf of several persons at once
** The minimum charitable contribution for participation in the Race of graduates is 10 000 rubles per person. Taking part in the competitions, you support the holding of the Sailing Regatta of St. Petersburg State University: all funds will be directed to the organizational needs of the event

Send an application for participation in the Race of graduates to d.kotlyarov@alumnispbu.net, and we will collect a team for you!

We invite you to become a spectator of the students’ competition on all the days of SPbU sailing regatta - come and support the participants!